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It is no secret to anyone that the famous Televisa actress, Marlene Favela, has become a sensation, since with 22 years of artistic career she is still positioned as the favorite of her fans.

And it is that since she became the mother of little Bella, her followers have not stopped praising each of her stages, as they assure that she is in her best moment.

Proof of this is that the separation of her daughter’s father, George Seely, has not depressed her in the least, as she has decided to exploit her qualities as a businesswoman, actress and mother.

Proof of this was the success he had in his last participation alongside Livia Brito, José Ron and Eduardo Santamarina in the melodrama “La desalmada”, as he has received great reviews and there is already talk of a second season.

The actress is in one of her best moments. Photo: IG / marlenefavela

But without a doubt her work has been highly applauded for several years, as she was already signed by Salvador Mejía for the next hit alongside Alejandra Espinoza and it is called: “Corazón Guerrero”.

And is that the actress of projects like “Rubí” not only has great talent but also a body of heart attack and great beauty, which has left everyone with their mouths open to show off their natural complexion.

Marlene Favela shows off her flawless skin

As if it were a doll, the star has surprised on more than one occasion that natural beauty is important and has demonstrated this through her Instagram account.

The star surprised everyone by posting a picture on her Instagram account with her two-year-old daughter without a drop of makeup.

The photo was shared during the afternoon of Wednesday, November 10, and not only her fans but also many of her colleagues were impressed with her natural beauty.

In the tender image that was posted on her Instagram account, the actress appears next to Bella Seely, inside a truck while the girl is lying on her legs.

“I will take care of your dreams but also every step @bellaseely_ I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND FOREVER ??”, was the text that accompanied the image that immediately exceeded 100,000 likes.

And it is that several of her colleagues such as Ana Martin, Gonzalo García Vivanco, and thousands of her followers applauded not only her gift of mother, but also how good she looked natural and without makeup.

While it lasted, their marriage was happy

A few days ago, the actress took time to share some unknowns that have remained around her separation from businessman George Seely, as they divorced just a few days after the birth of their daughter.

Through social networks, the couple looked more in love than ever, since the arrival of their daughter was the only thing missing to complete the happy family.

But now, a year and a half after the separation of the father from her daughter, the actress decided to break the silence and tell some details of her marriage.

“I was very happy when I met my daughter’s father, I was very happy with my daughter’s father, I had a very happy marriage,” he said.

Favela also assured that their marriage ended like that of many couples in the world, but that both are working for a good future for Bella.

“I have tried to be a happy girl, to have the love of her parents equally, to have what she needs, equally. In my life my priority is my daughter over me.”

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