Kerem Bürsin habla sobre la rivalidad con Can Yaman: “Está mal, el éxito es de todos”

The ‘Love is in the air’ actor has spoken about his colleague who is also known internationally for ‘Dreaming Bird’. Competence? Zero.

There is only one Turkish actor who can compare with the fame and popularity of Kerem Bürsin. We are talking, of course, about the precursor of the series phenomenon from Turkey, the one who started it all: Can Yaman. Thanks to Love is in the air, his protagonist has reached a level similar to that of the Dreaming Bird actor and, although the comparisons are odious, it is inevitable to speak of them as competitors. Bürsin, however, is far removed from all that and, as he has stated in a recent interview with Turkish reporters, he does not see any rivalry between them.

Rather than competition, Bürsin believes that his fame abroad is due to everyone working together. In reality, they are all pieces of the same puzzle that work by supporting each other.

It is wrong to see another person, another actor, as competition. In reality, success belongs to everyone. That we are known abroad is a success for all because the task is to make Turkey known abroad in the best way and that is what is being achieved

Kerem Bürsin is absolutely right. If Fatmagül had not triumphed in our country, Erkenci Kuş would not have been released and we would not have met Can Yaman. Of course, Sen Çal Kapimi would not have had the opportunity to reach Spanish programming either, and neither Bürsin nor Hande Erçel would have become the television idols that they are today in many countries. The success of some pushes the others.

With the issue of non-rivalry settled, the interpreter is now thinking about his future plans. At the moment, according to what he has told reporters in his country, he does not have in hand any project that has been confirmed. Or, at least, nothing that he can say publicly because he has stated that he does have interesting offers that he is considering.

We do not know what the thing turned out to be, but it was announced some time ago that he had been chosen to participate in the first Turkish series for Disney +. The journalist Birsen Altuntas declared it and assured that the producer behind it was MF Yapim, the same one from Love is in the air. This happened in July 2021 and no further details have been known about it since then. We know that agreements, especially with such a large studio, take a long time to negotiate, but it is also possible that the project will not come to fruition.

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