Evrim Doğan is Ayfer in and out of ‘Love is in the air’: An independent woman, with an innate gift and totally free

She plays one of the most important figures in Eda’s life and many fans of the Turkish soap opera connect with her, who is behind the character?

Evrim Doğan has been working as an actress for decades after finding her calling by chance. In 2020 she began playing Ayfer, Eda’s aunt in Love is in the air, and she rose to international fame. Who was going to tell the daughter of a financial advisor and an audit specialist that she would become an artist. She herself admits that she never wanted to be an actress, but she came by chance.

Doğan wanted to study psychology, but she admits that she did not opt for this profession because she was not “very hardworking”. After taking the university entrance exam, she chose to study Tourism in a city far from her family. What she really wanted was to establish her own life outside of her parents and, to be honest, have fun. So she came to a theater group that she signed up for only to meet people. She turned out to have an innate gift for acting and she followed the advice of the people around her. She became an actress.

That innate ability came to the fore in an audition with Ö then Deniz. She studied the scene before testing, but his partner read something completely different. Rather than panic, she improvised. They soon told him that the role was his.

The actress lived in Eskişehir, but had to move to Istanbul in 2004 after landing a small role. She then she did not have much money and found a hostile environment. “I lived in very bad houses. I was bankrupt. In a moment I lost hope. This city does not look you in the face when you first arrive. ‘Welcome, you dragged yourself a little, but you passed the exam. Come, let me hug you’ Now I feel welcomed ”

When she got the opportunity to participate in Love is in the air with Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel, Doğan did not think much about it because she was instantly drawn to her character. “Ayfer is strong, capable of holding on to life alone without depending on a man and, at the same time, funny. The advice she gives her niece was enough for me: ‘Never give up on your dreams. You don’t need a man who Hail you. ‘Aren’t we tired of losing and failed female profiles who can’t move without a man? “, she explains in an interview with Kelebek.

This is how she is in real life. She was married to actor Hasan Şahintürk, but they ended the relationship and she does not think about another marriage. She doesn’t think about having children either. “My mother says: ‘Someday you will regret it,’ but I don’t think so. ‘Maybe the sense of responsibility scares you,” she confesses to Aksam. Doğan enjoys a carefree life, especially when it comes to money. “I think I spend more on eating and drinking with my friends. I like to eat out in good places. I used to spend a lot on clothes. Now I don’t.”

The actress assures that she faces all of her works with love and sincerity, something that has led her to play some of the most remembered characters on Turkish television such as Seyma in Our story or Demet in Kardes Çocuklari. “I think the main reason those roles are still remembered is that I tried to play them with love, will, enthusiasm and sincerity. It is also due to the luck that I was hired by the producers, the scriptwriter’s understanding of the potential of the character already the audience, clinging to him, “says the actress.

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