Are you going to vacation in the United States? Having travel insurance is a smart decision

Are you going to vacation in the United States? Having travel insurance is a smart decision

Emergencies do not have a date or choose a territory, so a smart decision for tourists should be to purchase travel insurance before going abroad.

There are countries, such as Europeans, that when applying for the visa the person must carry proof of payment for travel insurance, but others such as the United States, where thousands of Dominicans frequently go, it is not a requirement, although it represents for the traveler a great advantage.

What should be included in the travel insurance?

Medical and funeral expenses. This is what the Migration expert, Roque Leonel Rodríguez, recommends to all tourists who go to the United States. “That making a very cheap investment in travel insurance can help you preserve your visa and avoid spending thousands of dollars in the event of an accident, illness or similar situation.”

These insurances must include medical expenses and transfer of the corpse in case of death.

He says that in the Dominican Republic you can buy insurance through companies. “Travel insurance that includes medical and funeral expenses can be purchased for less than $ 100 and this would already greatly benefit that person.”

The expert makes it clear that these insurances only have coverage for emergencies that occur there in the United States, it is not for a sick person to buy travel insurance to go to that country, because for this there are international insurance, which is another thing, not travel insurance.

When verifying an insurance quote, it was evidenced that there are travel insurance plans that for 84 dollars (about 4,700 pesos), the traveler has coverage abroad of up to ten thousand dollars, including 24-hour medical assistance; medical and hospital assistance of up to eight thousand dollars. It also includes coverage for death by accident and the transfer of the body to the Dominican Republic, among others.

When renting a vehicle, insurance is the most advisable

Another very valuable information for Dominican tourists who rent vehicles is that they should include, even if it costs a lot of money, insurance in the event of an accident that covers damage to the vehicle and to the person himself or his companions.

“If you are walking with your partner and both are going to drive, they include in the insurance that both are going to drive because if both are not included in the insurance and the other person is the person who is driving at the time of the accident, that could cost you by repair or replacement of the vehicle.

“Always buy your insurance when you rent a vehicle that covers the vehicle from damage, theft, etc., even if it costs a lot, and you buy travel insurance that includes medical care and funeral expenses.”

In case of presenting a health situation that forces you to extend your stay in the United States, you must keep these documents and present them when renewing the visa.



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